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“Our heart & soul is to connect people with the living & powerful God.”

Frederick Davidson

Pastor of NewLife Church

The Good Samaritan Center is open Monday–Friday 4:15–5:15 pm, choose one day a week to volunteer.

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The Global Purpose Movement interview with ISTA lead, Bruce Lyon
Bruce Lyon joins Jon Darrall-Rew and Andrea Dennis of the Global Purpose Movement for a live-streamed conversation about purpose, embodiment
Is ISTA about Open Relationships? Misconceptions – By Ohad Ezrahi
As ISTA becomes more widely known, so do the misconceptions and projections. ISTA lead Faculty and part of Governance, Ohad Ezrahi, addresses
Now in Spanish – Sanacion Sexual Sagrada: El Metodo Chamanico de Magia Sexual (Spanish Edition)

¿Cuánto placer te permites experimentar? Sanación Sexual Sagrada: El Método Chamánico de Magia Sexual abre las puertas del dormitorio de una revolución del Tantrica clandesitina, exponiendo el trabajo de los Dakas y Dakinis modernos y poniendo a disposición prácticos secretos sexuales sagrados. En una clara y aterrizada voz, ofrecemos docenas de ejercicios para: – Vivir la Experiencia de tu Cuerpo como un Templo. – Liberar culpas, vergüenza y miedo en relación al Sexo. – Incrementar tu potencial orgásmico. – Satisfacer tus necesidades en la relación. – Dirigir tu poder sexual para manifestar tus más profundos deseos. Las mujeres podrán re-descubrir su libido, aliviar dolores durante el coito y conectar con su intuición sexual. Los hombres eliminarán el miedo a la intimidad, sanarán la ansiedad durante su desempeño sexual y aprenderán a satisfacer sexualmente a una mujer. La intención de este libro es sanar la herida colectiva mayor en el planeta: la separación entre Sexo y Espíritu.

Order the Book on Amazon Here

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Sacred Sexual Healing: The SHAMAN Method of Sex Magic blows the bedroom doors off an underground Tantra revolution, exposing the work of the modern Daka and Dakini and making available practical, sacred sexual secrets. In a clear, down-to-earth voice, we offer dozens of exercises to: * Experience your body as a temple * Release guilt, shame and fear about sex * Increase your orgasmic potential * Get your needs met in relationship * Direct your sexual power to manifest your deepest desires. Women may re-discover their libido, relieve pain during intercourse and connect to their sexual intuition. Men will eliminate fear of intimacy, cure performance anxiety, and learn to sexually satisfy a woman. The intention of this book is to heal the greatest collective wound on the planet: the separation between Sex and Spirit.

Australian TV captures insight into ISTA Experience
When an Australian TV reporter took the ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic experience, she was moved to return with a camera man to capture an inside

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