Is ISTA about Open Relationships? Misconceptions – By Ohad Ezrahi
As ISTA becomes more widely known, so do the misconceptions and projections. ISTA lead Faculty and part of Governance, Ohad Ezrahi, addresses concerns.
“I had a talk today with a woman whom her heart tells her to come to an ISTA training, but is afraid that it will shake her monogamous happy relationship. Many people, as i see, get this wrong impression that ISTA is all about Open Relationships. But this is completely not true.
ISTA is all about choosing your path from a place of power, freedom and truth to your higher self. Now, many people KNOW in the depth of their hearts that their love life is actually a compromise. That they do not live to their truth, to their higher self, they do not actually live LOVE, but merely a mild compromise of it. For these people an ISTA seminar will shake it all.
ISTA is not about sexuality. ISTA is about handing people back their own power. Because a lot of our power was diminished by the burden of shame, guilt and fear installed into our system by society — you can actually never really empower a person without addressing their sexuality with no fear, shame and guilt. Yet, if your Monogamous choice is made out of true love, if you ARE in your power in it, if it is not a compromise — than your relationship will only be strengthened by all the tools you will get in ISTA. You will learn how to actually SEE the person you love not through tons of old stuff that your psyche project on them, you will learn how to respect them and their boundaries, you will learn how to respect yourself, and you will clean a lot of shit that is stuck in your sexual-emotional system that you might not even be aware of…”
ISTA – International School of Temple Arts – prioritises soverignty and it is completely possible to attend a training and never touch another person or remove any clothing. You will be supported and honoured in your choices. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.