The Global Purpose Movement interview with ISTA lead, Bruce Lyon

Bruce Lyon joins Jon Darrall-Rew and Andrea Dennis of the Global Purpose Movement for a live-streamed conversation about purpose, embodiment, community, and so much more.


About Bruce in his own words: “At the core my life is about living and loving as fully , richly and freely as possible while empowering others to do the same. This is my contribution to an emergent global culture anchored in love and reverberating with the sound of freedom – the unique essence of the human spirit. I work principally with the two flows of life force we call sexuality and spirituality because they provide the fastest path I know to liberation, initiation and remembrance of essential embodied divinity. I also focus on the yoga of relationship, – with the cosmos, each other and all the kingdoms of the planet. I have a particular interest in the co-creation of temples and the emergence of the modern day mystery schools, which result from awake, alive human beings in resonant harmony with their inner and outer environments. Ultimately it is the revelation and remembrance of this beautiful planet as the sacred home it has always been, rich with mysteries and potentials awaiting our awakening and evolutionary unfolding.

Whether we meet in person, in the virtual world of the web or the subtle worlds of spirit, may our meeting be a mutual charging of the life force and a deepening of each other’s capacity to love

My journey has led from the worlds of marine biology to psychology to spiritual and esoteric studies. The drive has been to understand, integrate and effectively live the complex relationship between human beings and their various environments from the physical to the metaphysical. I have a BSc from Auckland University, an MSE and PHDE from the University of the Seven Rays, A Diploma of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy as well as many other trainings in a multitude of traditions and disciplines. However my most profound teacher has been life, my relationships with inner and outer beings, nature and extensive travel through the world’s cultures and cosmologies. My evolution has taken me from a sense of deep shame in being human, given the way we seem to treat each other and the planet, to a profound sense of gratitude and a celebration of the human spirit. This evolution has been the result of meetings with remarkable human beings, some of them being my own children and grandchildren, who already embody a future potential for us all. It has also come from deep contact with the ground of being which shines its infinite and eternal dark light through all worlds and times. It is my joy and privilege to share the living dance of this life with you.”


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