We have 2 big changes to announce effective 2019.

1. The ISTA PT will now be 9 days long instead of 8
*- this means we have more time for demos and practicum sessions which support our participants immensely in growing their skills and confidence.

2. Starting in 2019, completion of Level 2 will be the new Pre-requisite to register for the ISTA PT.
*- currently, the only pre-requisite for the PT is the completion of Level 1. We have found that Level 2 prepares the participant to easily enter the shamanic realms, transpersonally lose their identity of self, and therefore able to shift the persona to fully arrive in service as a practitioner, far more prepared.

In addition, we will only offer 2 ISTA PT’s {Module 1} next year (instead of 3), making each training an exclusive opportunity to deepen and expand your skills.

Last but not least, we are cooking up a third module for the PT which will possibly be released in late 2019.

Excited to share this magnificent work with you