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ISTA Costa Rica Level 1 – Spiritual Sexual Shamanic EXPERIENCE

February 11 @ 4:00 pm - February 17 @ 1:00 pm


Re-enliven your deep connection to LIFE. Reset your neurology from survival stress into thrive mode. Reclaim the sacredness of your body. Liberate your natural wildness. Gain powerful tools to shift emotional patterns for more pleasure and connection.

Join a global community prioritizing authenticity, embodied spirituality, intimacy, bliss, empowerment, and freedom.

If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7-day event is for you

♡ The People

Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 8 years and have uncovered core wounding reactive patterns, transforming them into conscious ways of being that enable them to respond from a place of empowered loving presence.

♡ The Retreat

This retreat focuses on clearing the physical, emotional and mental bodies of shame, guilt and fear related to life force energy, sexuality and authenticity. This is done through multiple pathways of healing: guided visualization, emotional release, shamanic initiations, energy tracking and conscious touch are just a few of the practices used to dive deep into the inner realms. The inner masculine and inner feminine archetypes are explored because when they are fully integrated a door opens to a deeper knowing of the Self as whole and complete.

♡ The Event

This event unfolds within a powerful group process based on presence, unconditional love, intimacy and acceptance of what is arising. By the end of this event, you will feel more alive, open, relaxed and present and be more in touch with the effortless flow of life, no matter what it looks like.

♡ The Experience

No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary to attend this retreat. ISTA trainings tend to bring together people with a vast range of experiences and from many pathways. This event is about expansion, while honoring your healthy boundaries. Nudity and intimate touch are a part of this training, however, you are always at choice. It is possible to do this entire training without taking off any clothing or touching another person because at the core – this journey is about your relationship with yourself and life force energy. The facilitators will help you navigate what is authentic for you. Individuals and couples of any sexual preference and identification are welcome to attend.

This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be self responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space. ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul. We recommend that if there is known deep seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get the ok from their therapist before entering the group process.

♡ The SSSEX training uses..

– Ritual
– Breathwork
– Group Process
– Active Meditation
– Emotional Release
– Hands-On-Healing
– Guided Visualizations
– Subtle Energy Processes
– Conscious Communication

♡ To..

– Realize that you are love & freedom embodied
– Integrate your inner masculine & feminine
– Increase multidimensional awareness
– Let go of past dramas and traumas
– Expand your capacity for pleasure
– Celebrate sex positive community
– Transform the shadow into an ally
– Honor your healthy boundaries

This is only a partial list of what you may experience.

♡ Meet the people behind ISTA Costa Rica

Lead Facilitator

Crystal Dawn Morris


Frank Mondeose


Karam Satyam

Villa Lapas Rainforest Eco-Resort

We will be staying at the beautiful Villa Lapas Rainforest Eco-Resort
in Puntarenas, Costa Rica



Details About the Training

This retreat includes:

  • 7 day / 6 night accommodations
  • 3 meals per day & snacks
  • Full day transformational process and teachings

Note: Airfare and airport transfers are not included.

Group Size

We estimate the total size of this training, including core team will be 35.

Tuition (all spots limited in quantity):

  • Super Early Bird (6 spots max, until Aug 11th): $1750 US
  • Early Bird (8 spots max, until Dec 11th): $1950 US
  • Full Price: $2150 US
  • Costa Rica Residents: $1600 US
  • Repeat Students: $1600 US
  • To reserve your spot / Deposit: $450 US
  • Refunds: If for some reason you become unable to attend, a $150 US administration fee will be withheld and is non-refundable up until 30 days before the event. Once the 30 days before the training has passed the total deposit of $450 US is non-refundable



For more information, contact Philippe Lewis

More Testimonials

love love love

I feel blessed to have found the ISTA community. my soul has longed for my tribe, my heart has yearned to love without fear and my body has begged me to finally declare her as sacred. I am grateful for the wisdom, compassion, and guidance of Triambika Ma Vive, Araminta Barbour and Frank Mondeose as leaders of the sacred ceremonies of the past and facilitators of emotional and sexual healing. Throughout the training you three have artfully and gracefully broken me open to discover the beauty and truth of myself. I feel now that there is nothing that stands in the way of the possibilities I am now dreaming for myself and the world. Participating in ISTA Level 1 was the greatest transformational experience of my life. I feel an incredible surge of aliveness and can declare myself a powerful being, in touch with my sacred sexuality, connected to the immensity of love in my heart and devoted to my community and tribe. I can now say YES to life, YES to passion, YES to freedom of expression and YES to LOVE. Where else can you get such gifts ? Thank you. I am humbled, grateful and yes in Awe of the experience and the courage of my fellow beloveds on this journey. Love you all so much for holding the space for me, for loving me as I am, inspiring me and also for all the fun !!!! Til we meet again! Stay wild, stay present, stay connected and Love Love Love

healing big bang!

What a beautiful container for inner transformation. Was it a healing big-bang? a transformational earthquake? What I can say is, as soon as was in, no way to hold back, no way to stay in the old fashion comfort zone, no way to resist ​to the call for growing, no way to struggle, just surrendering to the wheel of transformation. Standing out, facing challenges, surrendering, expanding, going more and more out of the comfort zone, saying good bye to the social conditioning, standing boldly in the life, releasing blocked and unexpressed emotions, healing, growing, expanding, honoring myself, honoring my body, integrating more and more of my sacred sexual being, breathing, nourishing more and more my body, my being, quieting and clarifying my mind, releasing old useless and inadequate patterns, realigning with my pure authenticity, embodying my sovereignty, embodying my freedom. Coming back to the simplicity of naked mind in a naked body with a powerful innocent magic awesome sexual power. Far away from social mind controlled perception of reality. Far away from social distorted view of sexuality generated by church and society. This was the time for reconnection to one’s true nature, for taking back one’s personal power, deepening one’s awareness, coming back home to my body with bliss, power and love.

A Journey

This journey has been an amazing experience that really shifted the way I feel about myself. Learning to integrate the male and female part within myself and see everybody else as both parts gives me a new way to approach others. After the training I really feel the way to honour and stand up for myself, while remaining on touch with physical and emotional body and the sweetness within it. what a journey, what a change, I don’t even want to go back to the way before Thanks for providing this beautiful journey with its deep insights and enormous skills.

How to get to Villa Lapas

Click on the map for more details

Also see the Villa Lapas website


From International Airport “Juan Santamaría” (SJO):

  • Shared Cab “taxis aeropuerto” approximately US$130 (maximum 9 passengers)
  • Single Cab US US$100

From Bus Station in downtown San José:

  • ₵2475 (US$5.00) one way per person
  • Dirección de la Terminal (Adress) – Estación de Buses a Jacó – Terminal 7-10 del costado Oeste del Mercado Central 500 metros Norte sobre el boulevard de la Calle 8.
  • http://www.transportesjacoruta655.com

Uber, Cabs and Car rentals

There is public transportation from all over the country at very reasonable prices and Uber is now live in San José

Are you feeling the call?

If you are ready to radically enliven your sexuality and dive deep into the heart of your wild erotic nature, then join us. Through a beautiful synthesis of neurological re-wiring, ancient tantric practice, and shamanism, we will activate the powerful life force that is dwelling in your body.


In the safety of our temple you will:

  • Claim your erotic birthright to passion and pleasure
  • Release fear, guilt and shame around sexuality
  • Learn incredible tools and information that will enable you to use creative energy for regeneration,
    manifestation and spiritual transformation

This course is open to all who feel called. Experience is not required.

This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be self responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space. ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul. We recommend that if there is known deep seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get the ok from their therapist before entering the group process.


February 11 @ 4:00 pm
February 17 @ 1:00 pm


Villa Lapas Rainforest Eco-Resort
Costa Rica


Phillipe Lewis