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ISTA RIPE Weekend – Mexico

November 21 - November 24

Relax, Integrate, Play and Explore

Once we complete the ISTA SSSEX – Level 1, we will be staying at the beautiful Hotel Amarte for an extended weekend of fun, relaxation and exploration. We will continue to have the whole Hotel Amarte to ourselves and can chose to spend the day meditating by the pool, in a hammock, at the Mayan Water Complex, or at the beach. Or you may choose to accompany the group on the planned excursions into the Maya Riviera: we will visit Mayan Temples, swim in Cenotes, go shopping at local markets, hit the beach and catch a special nudist/clothing optional boat cruise and snorkeling experience.

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The ISTA – RIPE Weekend is open to any ISTA Graduate, but only if there are extra spaces available, as participants of the SSSEX – Level 1 Mexico November 15 – 21, 2019 get priority over non-participants.

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ISTA – RIPE Weekend tentative schedule:

Thursday Nov. 21:

Level – 1 ends and we will have all day to relax and integrate the work of the past week by the pool, hammock or at the beach. Special passes to the Mayan Water Complex will also be available for those who wish to go. (http://mayanwatercomplex.com)

Thursday night we will also be offering an optional Temazcal Cleansing Ceremony with a local Shamaness for an additional $50 (Limited to 25 people). Scroll down for more information and registration.   

Friday Nov. 22: Catamaran Snorkeling and Beach Party Tour.

Enjoy a wonderful catamaran boat outing, an experience that will take you to delight in the breathtaking turquoise sea. You will get to snorkel in the transparent waters of two awe-inspiring coral gardens, home of colorful marine species; and after this, you will enjoy a beach club, where you can relax on a hammock or sun lounge, have fun with exciting non-motorized water activities, and savor a delicious lunch. (Portions of the boat tour will be clothing optional!)


Saturday Nov. 23:

We ease into the weekend with a tour to Tulum Mayan Temples with a stop at the local market to shop native Mayan arts, crafts and textiles, before heading out to swim at a beautiful Cenote. In the afternoon we will head to the beautiful town of Tulum for free time of shopping, dining, spas and beach exploration.


Sunday Nov. 24: We enjoy a leisure morning at Hotel Amarte before saying our farewells and departing back to our respective lives.

(Unless otherwise specified, food and drink are not included. All that is included is lodging and continental breakfasts at the hotel, the travel packages, tours, and admission to parks and attractions, and transportation at the agreed upon time and place in accordance with the itinerary.)  

Temazcal (Mayan Sweat Lodge) Ceremony

The Temazcal is a “steam bath “It was known in the Mayan zone as zumpulcheé, it has been used for hundreds of years to relax and purify with the warmth and vapors of aromatic herbs, from which one is “REBORN”, thus we are the navel of mother earth. It consists of an activity in which  hot stones called “abuelas”, meaning grandmothers, are splashed with  water from flowers and herbs which are the medicine for the soul and body, 4 doors are drawn closed , one for each destination ( North, South  etc.)It can last anywhere from 40 to 90 min.

It is known today that the Temazcal stimulates the lymphatic system and aids in the removal of toxins. When a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is reached the skin becomes a third kidney, the high temperature to which our body is exposed to inside a Temazcal causes the body to sweat, the humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate, this is why our body’s self-regulation system (Sympathetic and parasympathetic system) responds (homeostasis). The circulation speeds up and we sweat even more eliminating a maximum of toxins, the skin turns red indicating that the heat and cold excesses are being expelled, achieving a balance that is required within the body, this way we sweat more than when we perform any type of exercise, being that during and after the Temazcal the body’s metabolism reaches a rhythm similar to running or swimming during a long period of time.

The Temazcal Ceremony includes spirtual cleansing with Copal, Bathing time in a pool, and Rehydrating fruit snacks.

All for only an additonal $50 and Limited to 25 People.

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After the ISTA – Level 1 you can join us for RIPE, and Rest, Integrate, Play and Exploration!

RIPE Weekend Adventure Nov. 21-24, 2019


(Unless otherwise specified, food and drink are not included. All that is included is a continental breakfast at the hotel, the travel packages, tours, and admission to parks and attractions, and transportation at the agreed upon time and place in accordance with the itinerary.) 

Please don’t forget to sign up for the Thursday night Temazcal Ceremony for only an additional $50 for the first 25 people!

Join us!


November 21
November 24


Amarte Maroma Hotel
Riviera Maya
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Javi Martinez