Diana Prem Shakti



Diana Prem Shakti was born in Bogota in 1979. She studied psychology at the University of Los Andes and specialized in transpersonal psychology. She has a master’s degree in systemic family therapy from the University of Bedfordshire and a specialization in therapy through art from the IATE London Institute for Art Therapy and Education, both in England.

In 2003 she started as a sannyasin of Osho and two years later she began her tantra path in different Buddha fields and with teachers around the world. She studies biodynamic breath work in Osho Multiversity in Puna, India. Additionally, she is trained into the Essence work with working with people.

Shakti comes from a shamanic background through her grandfather and she started her own journey with inquiring with medicinal plants in 2000. She is part of the family of a Path of Love which, in her words, is a powerful device to bring people from the mind into their hearts. She’s been a workshop facilitator and therapist for more than 15 years.

More recently she is the author of the book Tantra Teacher with Planeta editorial. Diana Prem Shakti is a mother, lover, daughter and friend but above all, a soul committed to truth and to show up as love in this human land.


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