Frank Mondeose

Frank Mondeose is a man on a mission. In 2005 he set out to raise the vibration of the nightlife industry in Montreal, and created Monde Osé, a lifestyle brand focused on sensual entertainment and seductive dance events for adults. Monde Osé`s aim is to stimulate attendees’ senses and offer a playground for connection and exploration in a safe and respectful environment. In addition, he is the Quebec Director of the very popular Everything To Do With Sex Show; an annual trade show focused on promoting everything to do with sex. His next production will be to bring the 14th annual North American ISTA Conference to Montreal, Qc planned for may 2015.

Frank has been thinking outside of the box in regards to love, sex and relationships for over 10 years having intuitively felt the great changes our generation would be part of.

Through his interests and experience, he obtained a firm grasp of what it takes to engage successfully in the world of alternative relationships. His focus has since shifted to the broader study of the Sociology of Sex and Relationships.

Frank has started offering lectures on the essence of Tantra as well as leading Tantra for Awakening workshops. He can also be available for coaching sessions for singles or couples. Through working with Frank, you will find yourself becoming aware of the conditioned programming we subdue ourselves to. He will help you find and create connections with your true self in order to make empowered life decisions from a more conscious point of view.

Frank specializes in supporting people in the following areas:
– Helping singles and couples live more ecstatic lifestyles.
– Understanding life changing Tantric philosophies.
– Bridging the gap between traditional relationships and modern sexuality.
– Understanding the spiritual elements of sexuality
– Sexual empowerment

Get to know Frank Mondeose through his work and hobbies at the following links:

The Spiritual Playboy
One man’s journey into spirituality and ecstacy.

Monde Osé
Monde Osé is a lifestlye brand focused on promoting life, love and sensuality through performance art dance Events.

Sexual Health Network of Quebec
The Sexual Health Network of Quebec takes leadership in advancing sexual health in Quebec through public education and awareness campaigns, support for the delivery of programs and services in Quebec, promotion of sexual health education, and liaising with local, regional, national, and international organizations.

Everything To Do With Sex Show
The Everything To Do With Sex Show is an exciting three-day consumer adult event geared towards anyone looking to spice up their life! You can experience seminars, stage shows, celebrities, erotic arts, alternative lifestyles, and more.


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