Janine McDonald

Janine is passionate about sacred sexuality. Embodying the life force energy, sacred union within and living from the heart fire is her inspiration and purpose. She has immersed herself in sacred sexuality teachings from many ancient and modern traditions and temple arts. Spending a large part of her life on an ascendent spiritual path her greatest learning has come from life and the path of descent. Descending into the body, into the dark recesses of herself and feeling the heights of ecstasy grounded in the depths of the dark. She embraces both light and dark.

Her current expression on the planet is as a lifeforce transmitter and transformational guide. Experiencing transmission from Janine gives you a reference point for deeper embodiment of the life force and the heart fire that activates and awakens you and your ecstatic life force energy.

Janine is the Founder of Red Earth Temple and teaches the temple arts of Sacred Sexuality and Feminine Womb Mysteries. Her greatest joy is journeying with people in the heart and offering a transformational pathway that awakens life force energy and deepens sacred union within, the divine and all of life. Her intention is to live in authentic expression of her unique version of the divine, open to the flow of life dancing through her in all its fullness and textures.

Janine offers Shamanic Womb Journeys, Red Tent circles, Immersion days and private sessions. She facilitates internationally as lead faculty with International School of Temple Arts, She also offers other workshops as they emerge and co creates workshops with other tribe members of resonance.

Janine draws on over 20 years experience in wholistic health as a practitioner, presenter and facilitator as well as the many mentors, guides, teachers and experiences that she has been gifted on her lifeโ€™s path.

Ad Dip App Sc (Nat), post graduate courses in Bioenergetic Medicine, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tantra, Shamanic Temple Arts, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual healing in Australia and the United States, Priestesss Training through Pomegranate Grove Priestesshood Sacred Mystery School and Initation Centre, High Priestess Ur Ana, and is a certified practitioner through Hawaiian School of Tantra.

More Information: www.redearthtemple.com


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