Jasmeen Hana
Β Planetary mid-wife assisting the birth of heaven on earth.

Jasmeen has been exploring the ancient temple arts from a young age. Her committed practice of Kundalini yoga over the years encouraged a Yoga diploma completed in Hannover Germany and a tantra diploma from the Rasayana academy in the Netherlands. Her upbringing in Egypt and further studies and explorations in India have created a foundation based on the ancient mysteries and arts within the influence of Belly dance, yoga and deep meditation as well as the ancient Egyptian embodiment codes. Her own style of session work was designed as a tantric practitioner, inspired by the ancient priestesses of India and Egypt. She has supported hundreds in their journey of re-connecting with their sensual- sexual selves. Jasmeen offers private sessions and events strengthening the inner wild nature and discovering ones own true authentic Voice. She is currently designing the Isis emersion retreats and facult with ISTA.

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