Mystery schools throughout time have naturally divided themselves into two phases – the lesser and the greater mysteries with the door between them often forming a separate stage of its own.

In ISTA we have three levels & a Practioner Training:

Level 1

We provide essential teachings and experiences that restore to us the type of education we should have had around our sexuality, our emotions and our relationships with the masculine and feminine. This provides for the experience of being truly alive and integrated.

Find out more:  Level 1 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic EXPERIENCE

Level 2

Provides the teachings and experiences we should have had around our spirituality, our relationship with the transpersonal and its integration with the personal and universal. This provides us with the opportunity to take initiation – to shift our identity into the soul and become the source of our own life, love and empowered expression in the world. Its symbol is the offering up of the heart. Once the life is ‘given up’ or ‘taken over’ by this deeper part of ourselves then we are ready for the greater mysteries – the identification with the universal life of our cosmos and planet. The self becomes a source of inflowing current to our surroundings enabling others to awaken, initiate and transform. We become a creative force in our environment.

Find out more:  Level 2 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic INITIATION

Level 3

Helps us express our personal destiny in such a way that it is aligned with and supported by the collective evolutionary wave, We are challenged to stand for our own love and liberation in a way that supports others to stand for theirs and synergistically co-creates with them. We become ourselves the solution to the thirst of our time and experience the joy of embodying the coming civilisation. After that there are no more levels because our lives themselves become the true play-shop and we get to dance with each other doing what we love, with those we love, in service of love. Level 3 helps us anchor so deeply in our core that we become ourselves the mystery school embodied. Life breaks us open on the way through us. We become the fire.

Find out more: Level 3 Spiritual Sexual Shamanic SEEDING

Of course attending the three week-long trainings of ISTA does not mean we necessarily graduate from the curriculum but it does mean we are laying the paths in our psyches, hearts and bodies for it to flower over time.

Many will take each level multiple times before it becomes a stable realisation in the experience of their own lives. Check in with yourself and see if you are ready to embody Love.”  (Bruce Lyon, Senior ISTA Faculty)

ISTA Practitioner Training Program –

The aim is to support the graduates of ISTA to further their knowledge and transform their lives and careers into the field as skilled practitioners to facilitate sessions for somatic sexual healing.




Thank you Ista.
Thank you level 1 for showing me I can have peace in and with myself and the world.
Thank you level 2 for penetrating me with love, injecting and revealing my courage and power.
Thank you Ista for undressing me from shame, guilt and blame. Love replaces all this - in light and darkness.

This transformational week is for everyone who deeply wish to live by his/her true self, with power, with love and with freedom. Attuning to the feminine and masculine energies within us, heal the wounds, and move with our emotional body is part of the process. I invite everyone who's been waiting for their deepest full life to unfold to take a daring step forward and join this amazing workshop. (Alice, Guatemala, Lv 1 2016)

This experience has given me a gift. I have obtained a communion with my authentic self that will continue to allow me to find my truth for the rest of my life. With my whole heart, I thank you.
Grady Oneil (Lv 1, Guatemala, 2016)

ISTA Level 1 is a great journey to be yourself, live the full power with Love and enjoying the whole life.

The teachers provided a perfect loving space for me to go through every challenge so I could face and master all my upcoming fears. Thank you.

I am grateful to face my own Divine Marriage. To meet people who are on the same path is a great gift. (Level 1, Austria, 2015)

I feel much more alive and whole then when I started the training. I really cant express in words what this training has done for me. I simultaneously feel like I can do things now, I couldn´t before and that I always “knew” what I have learnt here. I NOW trust and love. (Austria, 2015)

I received a deeper understanding of energies & relationships. The Level 1  training offers a safe space for emotional release around sexuality (shame, pain, guilt, anxiety) and allows you to empower yourself. (Austria, 2015)

What you get is wisdom, support, Love, clear structure, spiritual work, gentleness and respect. Afterwards you´ll in your power and with an open heart. (Stella, Austria, 2015)

If you really want to experience your real truth, than go for it!

Olga Homsi (Austria, 2015)

ISTA training is of an essential nature. It takes the journey of a human experience into the perspective of healthy empowered being, it offers tools that allow you to heal your body and emotions and therefore enables participants to claim their birth right to truly live life.

Its changing the mind of sexuality; its cure for mind, body and the heart; its an initiation ritual. (Austria, 2015)

I am very grateful for all the different processes I went through this week, each one was profoundly transformative, the team provided me the loving safe space to let go of some very old and deep wounds. (Austria, 2015)

The healing work and the work of healing has FINALLY landed for me!! I get, sexuality is the sacred key that has been kept secret for so long. I've arrived to my life. A cutting-edge, juicy, organic, fun, luscious, supportive, valuable, powerfully revealing, raw journey you have gifted and sacred from the depths of your authentic beings. (2014, Mass, USA)

“Dont underestimate yourself and your ability to truly integrate your whole being into a beautiful possibility. You’re worth the time. And certainly deserving of the effort.” (Guatemala, 2014)

"This training is the deepest experience I have ever undertaken, and by far the most value. If you want to really show up for yourself, for your precious life, this training is a must. ” A.F., Ireland training


“I thank source for guiding me to this life changing event. I have found keys to doors that I have wished to open my whole life.” – (Anon, Guatemala, 2013)

The level 1 training was perfect for my healing and the connection within the group was unparalleled in its heart felt energy and transformation.

"The integrity of the facilitators was second to none and the level of trust that was generated allowed for my total giving to the healing process. Please do this training for yourself and the rest of the world. S.A” (Guatemala, 2015)

“Imagine the conduit to connect with the part of yourself that you’ve never been allowed to touch. Whole, warm, soft, dance. Touch your passion for real. Talk about generosity. Live shame-free.” (Krystalyn- Guatemala, 2013)